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LV Dental Square is among the leading orthodontics clinic in Bangalore, conceptualized to bring the best practices in Dentistry to our patients, along with a team of highly qualified dentists who are experts in their own field of dentistry

Our patients are a part of our family and we have meticulously adapted our family values into the modernity of our practice, we take utmost care to provide our patients with the aptest dental treatment to their disease or concerns.

Kids love it here, as expert pediatric dentists take extra effort and care to ensure the children get the right dental treatment with least discomfort or pain.

At LV Dental Square we offer the best value for money, our treatments at reasonably priced and extend customized payment options to our patients’ requirements.

We strive to maintain a high set of quality standards at our clinic while providing the best of service to our patients with utmost integrity that shines through.

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LV Dental Square, is the best in the industry both in terms of the expertise in the form of our specialized professionals and also has the latest and advanced dental equipment that will help in the successful diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

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