toothache treatment in bangalore

Toothache treatment

Toothache is one of the leading dental problems among people. It is a pain or inflammation in or around the tooth, often caused by tooth decay or infection. Toothache can make normal life difficult when it comes to eating or chewing food, speaking, working or even while sleeping.


What causes Toothache?

  • Tooth Decay: This is a major reason for toothache and is caused due to plaque formation.
  • Receding gums: When gums start receding away from the teeth, it  exposes the sensitive parts of the teeth thereby resulting in unbearable tooth pain. In this case, the pain arises mostly when consuming tooth sensitive foods – cold drinks, icecreams, etc.
  • Tooth and gum Abscess: Dental lump caused due to bacterial infection initiates swelling in the gums, face swelling which is another cause of toothache.
  • Wisdom tooth: The eruption of wisdom tooth causes severe toothache due to it trying to make way through the gum line and sometimes disrupting the position of existing tooth.
  • Teeth Grinding: Teeth grinding harms the ligament around the tooth. This act puts pressure on pressure on the teeth, triggering pain in the nerve which again is a cause for toothache.
  • Broken Tooth or Damaged filling: Broken tooth or damaged filling can cause persistent toothache,  as infection enters the tooth and makes way for cavities.
  • Accumulation of food and materials in the teeth: Food and debris between the teeth can cause toothache as the food particles can start poking or put pressure in the gaps of the teeth and increase the risk of tooth sensitivity.
  • Losing a filling: Losing a filling exposes the nerve inside your tooth, causing great discomfort and severe pain

Symptoms of toothache

  • High fever or severe headache.
  • Swelling gums & jaws.
  • Persistent pain in the tooth
  • Pain in chewing food or swallowing food.
  • Bleeding gums and infected tooth

When is the right time to see a Dentist in case of toothache?

In case your toothache lasts for more than 2 days and is persistent, not being treated with oral medications, then the toothache is severe and dental check-up is important. Also, if this is accompanied by fever, earache or pain while opening your mouth, do not delay,  you need to see a dentist at the earliest.


Medical Treatment for toothaches

The treatment for a toothache depends on the cause and how severe it is.

Most of the times the dentist will inject a syringe around your tooth to control the pain and also provide some oral medications like antibiotics for swelling gums or if you have a fever. This is done at an early stage to minimize the pain. Depending on the severity of the tooth pain the dentist will decide the treatment for you, likely the dentist will check to see if a tooth extraction is required in case of a cavity or in case of damage to the nerve of the tooth, a root canal therapy is required or any other best possible solution to help you get rid of toothache.


Tips for Toothache Prevention
  • Maintain a healthy food diet, avoid sugary substance food.
  • Brush regularly, especially after every meal. Flossing too is equally important.
  • Rinse using an antiseptic mouthwash to avoid bacteria build up and causing early gum disease
  • If you play any kind of sports game then it is advisable to wear a protective dental guard or headgear
  • Do not smoke or consume much alcohol
  • Above all, regular visits to the dentist is the best solution for all dental problems. This will help in early detection of dental problems.

Our team has expertise to find the cause of your toothache and provide the best solution for your toothache. For all dental problems contact the most affordable dental clinic in Bangalore.

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