10 frequently asked questions about Invisalign braces

10 faqs about invisalign braces
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Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Invisalign Treatment

Frequently asked questions about Invisalign braces: Although it has been around since 1997, a lot of people are now becoming aware of this modern and best straightening approach – Yes, Invisalign is known as “the clear alternative to braces.” Since this orthodontic approach does require quite an investment, it is better to be clear of all the queries beforehand. Here are the top 10 questions about Invisalign people want to know.

1. What are the Invisalign Aligners made of?

The aligners are made of strong, clear and durable medical grade plastic. Invisalign plastic is a smart track material patented with Invisalign.

2. How does Invisalign work?

A 3-D digital image of your mouth is taken by your dentist. This image is used to create custom-aligners specifically for your case. On average, Invisalign aligners changes are done weekly. Your dentist will provide instructions on how to take care of your aligners.

3. How many years do aligners take to fix teeth?

It depends on every person’s case. Usually, one should achieve the desired results in a year’s time.

4. How often do I have to wear the trays or aligners?

It is in your best interests to wear them as often as you can and only remove them when you eat or when you clean your teeth.

5. Will it be painful?

Depending on the amount of movement that happens with each aligner, there will be some discomfort that usually lasts for about 24-48 hours.  Taking a painkiller prescribed by the dentist should help in alleviating some of this discomfort.

6. I used to wear braces when I was younger but my teeth have started to shift and look misaligned again.  Can I use Invisalign?

Invisalign is definitely an excellent way to correct this shifting, but we’d recommend you to consult your dentist to check if you are a good candidate or not.

7. Are there restrictions on what I can eat?

No. But make sure you are taking good care of them. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign aligners are removable and allow you to consume the food of your choice. Make sure to brush your teeth before you put the aligners back in place.

8. Can I Smoke While Wearing the Aligners?

No, the use of cigarettes is discouraged as this can discolour the aligners can be discolored and stain them.

9. How do I clean the aligners?

Cleaning these aligners is not very difficult. Whenever you need to clean them, gently take them out, brush them and rinse them. Avoid lukewarm water, room temperature water is preferred, as change in the temperature of the water can affect the plastic. Additionally, you can also use the Invisalign cleaning kit.

1o. How much does Invisalign cost?

Since Invisalign is a customized treatment plan, the cost will vary depending upon the patient’s case and the location. Costs for Invisalign treatment in India could start from Rs.75,000. read more about the cost of dental braces and other types of braces

There are a lot more questions that you probably need answers to, leave your question in the comments below and we will answer your queries

Lingual Braces, Say hello to pretty and gap-free teeth
Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Invisalign Treatment

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