Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Invisalign Treatment

Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Invisalign Treatment
10 frequently asked questions about Invisalign braces
Dental Braces in Bangalore - Detailed Guide

Invisalign, born in 1997, has only recently begun gaining popularity with an increasing number of patients trying this “invisible brace treatment” to fix and improve their teeth.

Why opt for Invisalign braces? Invisalign is removable and the desired results take less than half the time of regular braces. Patients need not worry about the lip-cutting brackets, the brace overbite, and tiresome metal wire tightening 

At LV Dental Square, our expert orthodontists offer this procedure to straighten and align teeth hassle-free. So, what should you do to obtain the best results while undergoing this treatment? 

Here are some tips to get the best results from your Invisalign treatment and create a positive impact on your smile.

Follow the treatment as instructed – 

Research has observed patients who wear their aligners for less than 20 hours per day having poor results. Devout using of your trays for 22 hours per day and 48 hours for the first two days upon receiving new tray alterations is suggestible.

Following the treatment as directed by your orthodontists increases the chances of your teeth straightening in due time. 

Maintain your dental hygiene – 

Maintaining your dental hygiene is a crucial part of your Invisalign process. Just like conventional braces, brushing after each meal is essential. This prevents food or debris from settling on your teeth which may lead to gum disease. With Invisalign, brushing your teeth is easier and avoids food from getting trapped in your trays or aligners. To maintain healthy teeth during this process, brush, and floss after you eat. Don’t forget to clean your trays regularly, this keeps them bacteria-free. 

Using retainers after the treatment – 

Teeth may tend to shift back after straightening them. Similar to metal braces, patients need to wear a retainer thereafter. Individuals who don’t wear retainers lose the progress that has been achieved. Ask your dentist on how often the retainer should be worn. As you approach the end of your Invisalign treatment, schedule follow-up appointments for the post-care period.

Monitor Your Diet – 

The treatment may change your diet in many ways. When you have only two hours to spend on meals and cleaning, you may find yourself avoiding meals. This could lead to weight loss. If you don’t want to lose weight, talk to a nutritionist and determine a good diet plan. On the other hand, you might indulge yourself in eating food that is bad for oral health – Keep a watch, For example – drinking coffee or tea can result in staining and distortion of the plastic. Aligners may cause your mouth to salivate excessively causing dehydration. Therefore try to increase your water intake.

Handle them with care – 

A big ‘NO’ to soaking Invisalign retainers in mouthwash. Why should you not soak Invisalign retainers in mouthwash? Because Invisalign retainers are transparent, and mouthwashes contain added colour. The retainer can absorb the colour from the mouthwash, leaving you with a coloured or a tinted retainer. Also, it is important to note that because Invisalign retainers are constructed from resin (plastic), you should avoid rinsing them with hot or warm water as it can distort the retainer’s shape. 

We’re here to help

We hope you’ll make the best use of these tips to get the best results from your Invisalign treatment. Obtain a more aligned, healthier-looking smile with our Invisalign treatment in Bangalore at L V Dental Square. We strive to make patient care our top priority. If you are interested in knowing about or receiving Invisalign treatment, contact us today.

10 frequently asked questions about Invisalign braces
Dental Braces in Bangalore - Detailed Guide

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