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What are metal braces?

Metallic braces were among the first orthodontic appliances that were introduced for orthodontic treatment of crooked or misaligned teeth.They are still being commonly used in orthodontics, besides other types of braces such as ceramic braces and lingual braces.

The standard traditional metal braces consist of three main components:

  • Brackets: These are made of metal, usually high quality stainless steel or titanium. These brackets are attached to the teeth with the help of special dental cements that are polymerized with the help of visible light.
  • Archwires: These are thin metal wires made from stainless steel, nickel titanium, or β-titanium alloys and are used to connect each bracket together. Archwires also help to put pressure on the teeth in order for the teeth to stay in place.The thickness and rigidity of the archwires determines the force that is generated onto the teeth. Initially, flexible wires are used to gradually align the teeth followed by using rigid wires (like stainless steel) to bring about major movements of teeth.
  • Ligature elastic: These bands are usually made of rubber or elastic and are used to hold the archwires to the metal brackets. Ligatures come in a variety of colors and patients can choose the color of their ligatures at every appointment, or everytime they are replaced with fresh ones.

The above mentioned is the most common of the dental braces, and with technological advancement in this field , there have been changes to the metal braces – the metal braces are now sleeker, smaller and have also increased the comfort level.

Nowadays, the metal braces come with archwires that are activated by heat to help the teeth to move quickly and cause lesser pain compared to the past.


How do metal braces work?

The treatment usually takes two phases. In the first phase, the skeletal structure is corrected and the second phase is the active phase, where the braces are used to align the teeth. These braces contain slots through which the orthodontic wires pass. The type of orthodontic wire, as well as its thickness determine the amount of force that is generated onto the teeth. This force is then used to move or re-align the teeth in their proper positions. At every appointment, which is usually two to three weeks apart, the dentist will replace your ligatures and adjust the orthodontic wires so that they are tight enough to move your teeth.


Cost of metal braces in Bangalore

Metal Braces type Price range (in Rupees)
Metal braces – Basic Indian type ₹18,000 – ₹22,000
Metal braces – 3M  ₹26,000 – ₹30,000
Metal braces – Self-ligating ₹38,000 – ₹42,000
Metal braces – Damon self-ligating ₹58,000 – ₹62,000

Check full cost list of all types of dental braces


Advantages of Metal Braces

The advantages of using metal braces when compared to the rest of the dental braces available in the market today are:

  • Metal braces are the most economical among the different dental braces.
  • They are the best option to go for when treating a case of extreme overcrowding of the teeth, as these have proven to be more effective than the other options.
  • Metal braces also provide the orthodontist with the control to align the teeth as and when needed.
  • Wearing these braces also means worrying less about misplacing your removable aligners.

Disadvantages of Metal Braces

The disadvantages of metal braces compared to modern day braces are:

  • They are very much noticeable and could cause social inhibition.
  • They are not so visually appealing although there are various colour options available.
  • They can cause irritation and pain
How to take care of Metal Braces?

If we learn that your dental case requires a metal brace, we recommend you to follow some things to take good care of your metal braces:

  • Avoid food that needs long chewing like soft candies, caramel or crunchy food. We will give you a list of foods to avoid to keep your braces in good shape and to help you decrease the risk of cavities.
  • Brush your teeth and floss regularly to avoid staining your teeth. It may take some practice to learn how to floss and brush around your braces, but it will get easier with time. The dentists usually recommend a special brush for brushing since it is designed to cover the different areas of the braces too.
  • Always visit your dentist regularly. This gives you an opportunity to address your concerns while the dentist will do all necessary adjustments like tightening the archwires etc.

Our teeth alignment treatment involves treating our patients will all kinds of braces available after carefully examining which one suits the patients needs the best. We have various appliances available at our clinic – Invisalign braces, metal braces, ceramic braces and more.

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