How Does Invisalign Work?

How Long Should I Wear My Retainers?
Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Invisible Braces

Would you rather wear invisible aligners or braces on your teeth, if given the option?

You are not alone if you said clear aligners as your answer. The use of clear aligners as a method for straightening or realigning teeth has increased during the last few decades

Invisalign is a relatively new procedure that employs a computer-generated model to realign or straighten teeth that are erupting or are positioned improperly. People using Invisalign braces, also known as aligners, will have a beautiful smile and be assured that their teeth have been straightened. It is the ideal form of therapy for teenagers that require corrective work. With Invisalign, which is less noticeable than the traditional brace and offers more flexibility, teenagers are set on the right path to oral health throughout adulthood.

Your dentist and their team will take impressions of your mouth and utilise computer-generated pictures to create clear aligners that will move your teeth into the proper position. The typical brace uses fixed wires to “pull” the teeth into alignment, whereas Invisalign uses a series of moulds that, over the course of several months, press your teeth into their new, better position. Throughout the course of your treatment, Invisalign moves your teeth by delivering a regulated force to various dental components.

Here’s How It Functions:

Prior to beginning treatment, you will have a consultation with a dental specialist. The dentist will assess your smile at this time and create a personalised digital treatment plan that details the gradual improvement of your smile.

In addition to taking x-rays of your jaw, your dentist will digitally scan your teeth.

Your dentist will create a mould of your teeth in order to create the clear Invisalign trays customised for you.

Throughout your course of treatment, you will wear the aligners every day and night (typically for approximately six to 18 months). Be aware that getting used to wearing your Invisalign aligners in your mouth could take a few days. Prior to your tongue adapting to the trays, you might speak with a small lisp. Additionally, you’ll probably feel some pressure, which indicates that the aligners are effective.

To make sure that the aligners are fitting comfortably, your dentist can call you in for checkups.

As your teeth change, you will go to the dentist every two to four weeks (or as your dentist instructs) to have a new set manufactured.

It’s crucial to adhere to your orthodontist or dentist’s recommendations for how long to wear clear aligners each day. Clear aligners are typically worn for 20 to 22 hours a day, though this will vary depending on the individual.

If your discomfort is severe, speak with your doctor.

How Soon Will Invisalign Start Working?

The exact timing varies from case to case, but effects of Invisalign often begin to manifest between a few weeks and months.

Serious cases of misalignment may require more than a year to correct, however some patients may see perfectly straight teeth in only six months.

The Bottom Line

It’s critical to comprehend how Invisalign functions in order to follow the recommended treatment plans and achieve the greatest outcomes. Contact us to schedule an appointment and inquire about your eligibility for Invisalign if you have crooked teeth. Visit for more information

How Long Should I Wear My Retainers?
Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Invisible Braces

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