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What are teeth retainers?

Teeth retainers are special devices which are used to keep teeth straight and in position after using braces to straighten the teeth. They are custom made, usually made of wires or clear plastic which hold the teeth in position after surgery or realigning of teeth. Retainers can be removed or be fixed.


Why wear a Retainer?

Retainers for teeth are used as the last part of the orthodontics treatment, after the braces have been removed, the teeth can shift back to its normal or original position. So, retainers help in maintain the position of the straightened Teeth.


Benefits of wearing Retainer

  • The most important benefit of wearing a retainer is that it helps your teeth stay in the new position.
  • The retainer helps to control the shifting of the teeth which occurs naturally.
  • Straight teeth will help children as well as adults to chew their food properly thereby helping it digest well and ingest more nutrients.


Types of Retainers:

There are different kinds of retainers which are available at LV Dental Square, which are custom made.

Each retainer works best in particular situation.

  • Hawley (Acrylic) Retainer: It is a thin, tongue shaped piece of acrylic mold made to fit the mouth, with a wire that holds the teeth in position. This is a simple retainer, durable and can easily be removed. One can choose different colours and designs for the plastic arch. It helps in adjusting minor tooth movements. These retainers are the most comfortable retainers.
  • Clear Plastic Retainer: This retainer almost looks similar to Invisalign. These retainers are custom made of thin, transparent plastic which is designed to fit precisely over the teeth. The advantage of this retainer is that they are invisible with no wire to show. These retainers are easy to remove they help with proper speech articulation, improves one’s breathing and chewing of food.
  • Fixed Bonded Retainers: These retainers are option for people who are on the lower front teeth. These retainers are neither visible nor can be removable easily by the patient. These retainers use a wire which is bonded to the back side of the teeth. It remains in place for a longer time, it’s mostly recommended when there is risk that teeth could go back to its normal position.


Here are a few tips from LV Dental Square to take Good Care of Retainers:
  • If you are not using the fixed retainers, remove it whenever you eat or brush your teeth. Do not chew any kind of gums with removable retainers in your mouth. Make sure when they are removed and kept at in a safe
  • Always keep your retainers moist, do not allow them to dry out. Since they are made of porous plastic, they tend to dry out easily. Make sure to soak in cool, clean water during the day.
  • Every once in a while, visit the denist disinfect your retainer and get rid of the bacteria or extra build-up.

If proper care is taken, retainers can last for years.

At LV denta Square, we pride ourselves in providing the best retainers and trainer treatment in Bangalore.  We have treated patients to get smiles they wish to have. Our dental treatments are the best treatments available in Bangalore.

We also have ultrasonic cleaner and special cleaning solutions that help in disinfecting the retainers and remove any build-up without the use of any toxic chemicals. With our wide range of dental treatments in Bangalore – general, orthodontic, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services we can confidently handle a wide range of complications and retainer treatment well within our area of expertise. We strive hard to ensure the best treatment to our patients and give high-quality dental services..

If you are looking for dental retainers treatment in Bangalore, book an appointment with us.

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